Thermal insulation properties doors must comply with the applicable standard. In OknoPlus Uw Classic for single-leaf doors is from 1.0 to 1.5 W / m2K, depending on whether they are full door or shaft package.Classic Door

The timeless charm of classic, elegant solutions, especially in the interior detail, adds to the composition style and good taste. By creating Classic Door, we focused on the fusion of two seemingly different worlds of design superior performance, ensuring the highest degree of security and the subtleties of body, through which doors are a kind of business card of every house. With a wide personalization of your dream design, aesthetic decisions are adopted even in the smallest elements – stainless steel handles classic or modern, as well as the type of glass – from decorative and ornamental glazing stained glass, to the sophisticated Venetian glass and dull glazing.

Technical parameters

Specially designed heavy PVC profile and steel reinforcement with a thickness of 2 mm, guard the safety of family members, provide an interesting contrast to the elegant, individually dedicated decorative panel of Classic doors. With this combination we created a door with quite surprising thermal and aesthetic properties. OknoPlus provides door panels from 24 mm to 44 mm in thickness and thermal insulation coefficient of 1.1 to 0.76 W / m2K. Optionally, to increase the security, panel can be equipped with steel underneath sheet 1.5mm of thickness, which greatly enhances the properties of the burglary prevention.


The choice of Classic door is also an individual approach to opening and closing mechanisms, and the range of possibilities is really wide. Traditional key can be easily connected with a fingerprint reader, the key RiFD, remote control, keyboard, and even Bluetooth system and thus responds to the varied preferences and habits of all household members.

Furthermore, as an additional convenience, there is the possibility of mounting Autolock AV3 with a magnetic trigger, through which we gain the effect of the automatic locking after closing the door.


Timeless elegance of the Classic model is expressed mainly in the reaping of the best design practices. High-quality glazing in several versions as well as an extensive range of door handles, make Classic the perfect choice for the admirerers of a noble architecture detail.




Grand design - long corridor in a contemporary interior

Construction and standard equipment 

  • Specially designed, wide PVC profile, additionally reinforced at the corners, having the excellent performance of thermal insulation,
  • Inside panel from our wide range of choices,
  • Jocker hinges – 3 pieces – coloured within the RAL palette,
  • Glazing – Satinovo,
  • Double or triple glazing, depending on the model chosen,
  • Handle double-sided stainless steel equipped in the anti-burglary rosette,
  • Multi-point locking system,
  • Double anti theft lock,
  • Basic lock,
  • Panel thickness up to 46 mm.


Additional options

  • Cylindrical hinges,
  • Stainless stell applications on the panel,
  • To your choice: sandblasted glass, reflective, colored glass,
  • Insertion of a 1.5mm steel sheet for increased safety,
  • Handrail with brushed stainless steel surface
  • Auto locking system,
  • Atested lock,
  • Central key system,
  • Electronic control door.




OknoPlus offers standard Winkhaus multipoint locking. As a result, the door is secured not only in the central part where the lock is present, but also on the top and bottom parts of the door. Optionally available is a version of the electric locking system.

  • STV_autoLock_AV3_Einbau_460x320AutoLock AV3 – automatic locking via magnet technology in the frame
  • Two massive hooks block external doors tightly and securely. They automatically slide out, but unlocking occurs when you press the handle.
  • Hooks are made of two pieces: a sealing element provides optimal pressure and tightness, and a massive hook bolt (photo) – a high degree of safety.
  • Daytime latch can also be used for other Winkhaus security door locking systems
  • Tight seal via two independent sealing elements


Safety and seal of the door is guaranteed by multipoint locking system, anti-theft lock, door handle with anti-burglary rosette, as well as the possibility to use patent class C lock and magnetic sensor – reed – which signals a possible burglary. OknoPlus as the only company on the Polish market, additionally mounts as a standard 4-point lock on the hinge side.



Our customers have a choice of decorative panels with a thickness of 24 mm to 46 mm and a coefficient of thermal insulation from 1.1 to 0.76 W / m2K. Optionally, for added security, the panel may be equipped with a 1.5 mm steel sheet, which enhances the safety features.


Locking systems

Classic doors are equipped as standard with a basic key-lock which after the construction work is finished should be replaced with a certified key-lock in the presence of the owner. OknoPlus encourages to use key-locks patent class C. The key-locks are additionally protected against drilling by using an anti-burglary rosette. OknoPlus customers deciding on how to lock their doors have a choice: Patent key (equipped with a card on which the data are coded to perform duplicate), RFID key, remote control, keyboard, fingerprint reader and Bluetooth.





OknoPlus Customers have a choice of two types of hinges: type Jocker hinges and cylindrical.



Door handles

The company offers three types of door handles – chosen freely depending on your needs.

Stainless steel handrails

For customers interested in more innovative solutions OkonoPlus proposes a wide range of handrails made of stainless steel.

Door structures available in oknoPlus


Choosing a door remember to:

  1. Select the opening to inside or to outside;
  2. Determine the opening direction left or right;
  3. Think about the grains arrangement on the panels containing the wood patterns. Remember that on a garage door and an external roller blind the grains have usually a horizontal position;
  4. In order to help increase user’s comfort, think of a central key that allows opening all doors of the house;
  5. Remember that stainless steel handles containing wood elements are made from a different material than wood pattern veneers used on PVC and ALU constructions. It means that the texture, color and structure can be different;
  6. The door is equipped with a standard cylinder lock that can be replaced by the cylinder lock class C. For safety reasons the installation should take place under the surveillance of the owner.
  7. Thermal insulation properties of the doors must comply with the applicable standard. In OknoPlus Uw Classic for single-leaf doors is from 1.0 to 1.5 W / m2K, depending on whether they are full door or shaft package.