Arrangements of the modern buildings are governed by a specific set of rules. No irrelevant elements may be used within that scope. Vast, glazed surfaces become a perfect complement for the modern architecture, acting as a convenient connection between the house and the garden, letting in a lot of light and aesthetically supplementing the minimalist, elegant compositions. They may also be applied in the spectacular and futuristic design approaches.

Thinking of people who value the aesthetics as high as the parameters related to safety of use and user comfort, we have created the DuoPort Pas Comfort solution, which is fused into a perfect system – non-trivial design, increased safety and perfect usability parameters.

Technical parameters:

DuoPort Pas Comfort is a solution open to even the bravest design ideas. Designed with large volume structures in mind, it allows to arrange glass surfaces with an area of dimensions reaching 3.5 x 2.4 meters. The technology, thanks to which it is possible to move the window sash from the frame by a distance of 6 millimeters, allows for constant, and energy-efficient air circulation, even when the house users are away. Using an octagonal locking element with steel frame hooks makes it possible to make the airflow gap invisible from the outside. The door still meets the safety standards applicable in case of a closed structure. Raised threshold prevents water or snow from getting inside the room, maintaining a high level of sealing effectiveness, not falling behind any traditional solutions in the window joinery applications of standard dimensions.


DuoPort PAS in an innovative approach towards comfort and user safety. Thanks to the fact that the window has been fitted with embedded shock absorbers and energy accumulators, reliable window hardware which could be used for large size structures (with weights of up to 160 kilograms) has been created, guaranteeing flawless closing and opening operations, without the need of using excessive force.

Moving the window-sash away from the frame makes it possible to leave the window in a trickle-ventilation position for couple of days. Such solution provides the user with uninterrupted inflow of fresh air to the rooms, without having to worry about any deterioration of the theft-security parameters and unpleasant surprises and uninvited guests, especially after the whole family comes back from holidays.

A wide range of comfort-driven functionalities of the DuoPort Pas Comfort doors is complemented by the option of closing the door from the outside, without having to worry that it will be locked.


Large, vast, glazed surfaces conquered the hearts of the investors, architects and designer, offering a perfect blend of modern design and high level of functionality. In order to use such windows, they need aesthetic and durable window-work and fittings which will meet the high demands of the new trend. DuoPort Pas Comfort is perfectly suited for being used in energy-efficient and passive house designs, letting in a lot of daylight and enhancing the thermal properties of the given building.

Colors for NorskStil System


The color pallet for the NorskStil windows is very wide. Besides the white color, Montana, Tiama, Vermont and Anthracite finishes are among the most popular choices. Among the acrylcolor group, our customers tend select Anthracite, Dark Brown and Alux DB 703 tones.


Outside the standard color range, several  other acrylic tones may be selected from the pallet, as well as several wood-imitating and single color films.

OknoPlus company’s offer also features the latest finishes offered in a form of wood-like veneers. The finish comes in An Teak and Mountain Pine colors.


Among the standard acrylic coatings, anthracite, dark brown and Alux DB 703 colors are also available.

Besides the standard colors, several other acrylic tones may be selected from the pallet.


Colors for Salamander System


As standard, OknoPlus offers as much as 11 colors:


New colors



The range of non-standard colors is very wide, below exemplary colors: