When one decides to get the building appearance more interesting, by applying large glazed surfaces in the exterior design, functionality of such solutions always leads us to some questions. The doubts arise within the scope of air-tightness, security and safety and easiness of use of a large surface sliding system. Meeting the needs of demanding investors, we have created a solution that is going to get rid of any doubts the lovers of glazing may have, requiring  the sliding doors to be something more. DuoPort system fuses a modern design, high usability and incredible aesthetics which complement a design of any energy-efficient, passive house.

Technical parameters:

Tilt and slide DuoPort S doors, making it possible to create 3.5 meters wide and 2.4 meters high glazed surfaces, are a truly special purpose solution. Why? This expansive structure requires fittings to be exceptionally stable, providing the highest level of safety and functionality, being resistant to wear inflicted by numerous opening and closing cycles. At the same time, the fittings shall also meet the requirements of contemporary, elegant design standards.

Two variants of the door are available – DuoPort SK-S, operated manually, and DuoPort SK-Z with comfortable handle operation system, with increased roller diameter, making it possible to slide the heavy door sashes without making any sound, and without losing the smoothness of motion and easiness of opening.


DuoPort technology offers a wide spectrum of anti-theft protection safeguards which, at the same time, may be easily tailored to the expectations of even the most demanding customer. The fitting, in the base variant, is equipped with rigid locking pieces, while an option of applying anti-theft elements within the frame provides a high level of anti-theft protection. DuoPort sliding terrace door is also available with the handle mounted on both sides, with a key lock. This makes this door system perfect for being used as exit, for terraces and verandas.

For the people who look for solutions thinking completely out of the box, we have prepared an option of creating a 4-sash system, making it possible to create a glass facade of even larger size.


Slide and tilt system is an icon of discrete design. This type of doors will constitute a perfect supplement for any modern building. Moreover, such solution does not limit, in any way, the space around the glazing, letting us arrange the space in any way, becoming a true decoration, letting in a lot of natural light.

Colors for NorskStil System


The color pallet for the NorskStil windows is very wide. Besides the white color, Montana, Tiama, Vermont and Anthracite finishes are among the most popular choices. Among the acrylcolor group, our customers tend select Anthracite, Dark Brown and Alux DB 703 tones.

Outside the standard color range, several  other acrylic tones may be selected from the pallet, as well as several wood-imitating and single color films.

OknoPlus company’s offer also features the latest finishes offered in a form of wood-like veneers. The finish comes in An Teak and Mountain Pine colors.




Among the standard acrylic coatings, anthracite, dark brown and Alux DB 703 colors are also available.

Besides the standard colors, several other acrylic tones may be selected from the pallet.




Colors for Salamander System


As standard, OknoPlus offers as much as 11 colors:



New colors

The range of non-standard colors is very wide, below exemplary colors: