Vast spaces, larger glazed surfaces – modern architecture and demanding investors – all of the factors above contribute to emergence of more and more challenges for the designers. Particularly when it comes to passive and energy-efficient buildings which need to meet requirements of strict norms, pertaining to the energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and the structure of the building itself, with the latter element being compliant with the best modern design solutions.

The element which distinguishes the HST system, in comparison with other solutions, is visible in good thermal insulation properties and innovative technological solutions, making it possible to tailor the product to varied expectations of the investor – starting with functionality and safety, finishing with size and visual effect.

Technical parameters:

HST lift & slide doors constitute an expression of monumentality and elegance within the scope of the glazed facades, making it possible to create door structures of impressive dimensions: width of up to 6 meters, height of up to 2.5 meters. Slight lifting of the sliding door causes significant mitigation, when it comes to friction-wear, related to friction between the threshold and the seals. Low threshold, embedded within the floor plane, creates a safe and aesthetic connection between the interior and the garden or veranda.


Not only is a large glass pane a perfect solution which delivers more light to the room. It may also serve as exit door for the garden or for the veranda. Hiding and eliminating the threshold makes this solution friendly for even the most demanding users – children and the elders. Selecting the low-threshold HST doors makes it possible to avoid  accidents – tripping, slipping or falling. Being designed in line with the trends of the modern architecture, our doors also meet the top quality standards.

Moreover, the door system may be fitted with a key-lockable handle or double-sided handle with door lock and key. There is also an option of using a trickle-ventilation system embedded within the fittings. In order to enhance the safety of use, HST may be successfully used in conjunction with tempered or safety glass.

Moreover, there is an option of installing the HST door system in a corner setting, in connection with low threshold door structure, or balcony door structure.


A good design assumes that reliable, safe, high quality and aesthetic solutions are applied. Since several seasons, minimalism and form simplicity are the dominating trends, not only when it comes to the interior design, but also in the field of the building details. HST constitutes a response to the needs of those who dream of impressively large glazed surfaces which, at the same time, maintain light character and elegance of modern door- and window-work.

As standard, OknoPlus offers as much as 11 colors:

New colors

The range of non-standard colors is very wide, below exemplary colors: