Wherever space of your home goes beyond the four walls and enters the backyard garden, a reliable protection in the form of functional patio doors is necessary. Such a solution should be protected from “unwanted guests”, frost and cold, as well as meet the needs of the most demanding family members – children and the elderly. Aluminium sliding doors ULTRAGLIDE find their application wherever there is no room for compromise. They combine for the highest aesthetic and ergonomic parameters, economic and high energy efficiency.


Technical parametres

Sliding doors ULTRAGLIDE Monorail have been originally designed for all investors, who in addition to aesthetic, value the high level of functionality around their solutions. Thanks to its characteristics, ULTRAGLIDE allows you to design the construction of very large dimensions of the wings, which makes it ideal for modern architectural projects, in which the glass is the dominant design basis. Structural dimensions: frame width – 64 mm, wings – 100 mm, frame depth – 153 mm, wings depth – 67 mm. ULTRAGLIDE is mounted in a two-track system.


The ULTRAGLIDE system is available in classic white, black and gray, RAL colors and wood-finish lacquer.

  • Kolory standardowe:
  • Kolory z palety RAL, przykładowe:
  • Lakiery drewnopodobne:
  • Kolory strukturalne IGP  i TIGER
  • Folie renolit
  • Anoda naturalna
  • Powłoki anodowane: gold, silver, champagne, inox, bronze, olive, black