The perfect combination of design, safety and light

Large glazing has managed to dominate the architectural projects of today. In the era of increasing popularity of buildings with minimalist form, windows are becoming an architectural dominant, the most important decoration of the facade – to which other elements of the arrangement are subordinated. The intriguing effect of glass panes gives the building’s body lightness and modern character. However, apart from the beauty of window joinery, its technical parameters, safety and comfort of use are also important. How do you combine beauty with functionality?


Morlite – a novelty in the offer of OknoPlus – is an excellent composition of perfect design and utility values. It uses the most innovative solutions of the window joinery industry: glass with the highest thermal parameters with excellent light transmission, the warmest inter-glazing frame, a new type of hidden fittings and an innovative type of handle to protect against burglary.

Thanks to the solutions developed by OknoPlus experts, a window was created in which the amount of PVC was reduced to the necessary minimum, thus introducing more natural light indoors. The subtle, delicate shape of the profile with a gentle line makes Morlite fit perfectly into every interior, becoming its decoration and shaping the atmosphere of the room. The elegance and sophisticated simplicity of the frame is emphasized by the lack of visible hardware, which is hidden in the rebate clearance. Additionally, the use of activPilot Topstar hardware – available on the Polish market only in the OknoPlus offer – makes it possible to flush the window sash with the frame, which creates an original visual effect.

The narrow window frames enable up to 25% more glazing surface area and better light access to the interior, providing natural illumination and increasing the impression of brightness and spaciousness. The technical parameters are further improved by an innovative glazing unit with excellent transparency, thanks to which 10% more light reaches the rooms, and the energy balance of the window improves by as much as 20%. The novel SecuForte® handle protects the residents against burglary by piercing the glass, drilling the frame or moving the hardware from the outside – even in the tilted position.

Morlite is beauty in itself – a subtle and finesse window, safe and comfortable to use.

More light


The new GEALAN-LUMAXX system optimises the profiles geometry, significantly reducing its  height. Thanks to this, the window has become slender and delicate, and its silhouette is not disturbed by a wide and massive structural post. Less PVC means more glass and light in the room – even up to 25%.   The designers took care to maintain a balance between thermal insulation properties and window statics, strengthening the profile of the sash and post with uniform steel, which allows for the construction of windows of really large dimensions.

Decorative slat


A novelty in the offer of OknoPlus is the possibility to choose a decorative slat that surrounds the window sash from the inside, thanks to which we obtain a visual effect of flushing the sash with the frame. This visual effect is one of the latest and most fashionable interior design trends. The decorative slat is at the same time a stylish and impressive ornamental element, giving the interior a modern character.

Simple and effective protection


SecuForte® handle from HOPPE is a completely new standard of burglary protection. When closed and tilted, the window handle and spindle are disconnected – the mechanism is automatically locked. This unique concept of protection effectively protects against tampering with the window from the outside by piercing the glass, drilling the frame or moving the hardware from the outside. For the residents, opening the window is not a problem – the handle must first be pressed in the direction of the rosette, which releases the lock and enables its normal rotation.

Hide to emphasize


The style and distinction of Morlite windows are further enhanced by hidden fittings – all of them, including hinges, hidden under the rebate of the sash. Despite its compact design, the fitting can be used for windows with a maximum sash weight of up to 130 kg! Their service life is increased by protective hardened steel sheets placed in the areas most exposed to wear and tear. The ergonomic hanging of the sash in the frame reduces the risk of overloading of the hinges, as the tilted sash finds the right position itself.

Lighting comfort


With such large glazing, the glass itself is also important. Morlite is equipped with the best solution available on the market – ECLAZ – a source of light and well-being. Increased translucency means more natural light in the room and more accurate colours, which improves the mood and has a positive impact on the creativity and health of the household members. Thanks to the optimized use of free solar energy gains, while maintaining high thermal insulation parameters, ECLAZ provides up to 20% improvement in energy efficiency compared to the best windows currently available on the market. In winter, the innovative glazing guarantees optimum comfort thanks to the combination of effective thermal insulation, access to solar heat and the minimisation of the cold pane effect.