Scandinavian Quality of the Windows

There is no greater factor that contributes to development of window-engineering than the strong usability challenges we need to face. NorskStil series is a tangible expression of the idea above. The technology which has been proven and refined in the extremely demanding, Scandinavian weather conditions, with daily temperature amplitudes of up to 70 degrees, and wind speeds reaching of up to 100 kilometers per hour.

NorkStil windows blend modern technological solution, Norwegian simplicity, reliability and functionality, with solid Polish work, making this system also quite affordable. The results? Modern, energy-efficient window systems, meeting the top standards, with thermal insulation coefficient for the whole window described by a value of Uw = 0.7W/sq. m K. Thanks to the technology which allows for glueing the panes inside the sash frame, NorskStil windows exhibit enhanced static parameters which make it possible to use elegant, large format glazing, even in the toughest external conditions.


NorskStil window profiles are characterized by harmonious proportions and slim and smooth finish of their surface. High efficiency of thermal insulation is provided and guaranteed by six-chamber A-class profiles, with at least 2.8 mm thick external walls, and with 5 mm wide internal chambers. Special frame shape has been designed in a way which allows the frame to act as an additional anti-theft safeguard.


Steel, zinc-plated reinforcing elements, bended several times, with thickness of 1.5-2 millimeters, are screwed along the profile, with spacing on avarage at every 30 centimeters – this is the maximum spacing used. Thickness of the reinforcing elements depends on the window size. Never is it smaller than 1.5 millimeters.

Glazing beads

NorskStil windows  may be fitted with conventional, rounded glazing beads.


The windows are fitted with a three-chambered EPDM, synthetic rubber or TPE seal system, along with a special purpose water threshold, solutions which altogether provide the user with an optimal level of air-tightness, weather-resistance and problem-free operation of the multi-point lock fittings located in the dry chamber.



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Unleash your creative fantasies

The color pallet for the NorskStil windows is very wide. Besides the white color, Montana, Tiama, Vermont and Anthracite finishes are among the most popular choices. Among the acrylcolor group, our customers tend select Anthracite, Dark Brown and Alux DB 703 tones.


Outside the standard color range, several  other acrylic tones may be selected from the pallet, as well as several wood-imitating and single color films.

OknoPlus company’s offer also features the latest finishes offered in a form of wood-like veneers. The finish comes in An Teak and Mountain Pine colors.





Advantages of ActivPilot Fittings:

  • rich standard of basic equipment,
  • high degree of antiburglar protection,
  • extended Functionality of the fittings,
  • steel antiburglar fastenings,
  • symbolic surcharges for additional antiburglar elements,
  • convenient change of the equipment standard,
  • 8-corner eccentric mushroom valve instead of a traditional roll.


COMFORT fitting WIN_3D-Fenster-Skizzen-PADK_03-Fenster-Parallel_006

Comfort fitting, apart from the pull-up and swing-out function, possesses an additional function of parallel detachment of sash from the frame. In this position, there appears a slit of approx. 6 mm between the sash and the frame, enabling natural ventilation with safely latched window.

Air circulation achieved by untighting the window eliminates the problem of damp accumulating in the rooms such as kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or in bedrooms. Thanks to optimal ventilation, the excess damp is carried outside. This protects rooms from the risk of mildew or fungi, which not only damage walls, but most of all are hazardous to our health.

The fitting is also available in a version with electric drive – possibility to detach the sash by pressing a corresponding option on the control panel or through a remote control.

Thanks to the use of Comfort fittings, we can offer:

  • a safe variant of ventilating rooms even in the absence of users
  • a healthy climate in the rooms
  • minimum heat loss during air exchange

Gradation of the sash ability to tilt inwards in windows RU

Allows for independent regulation of ventilation, taking into account the season, weather or damp level in separate rooms. Gradation of the sash ability to tilt inwards constitutes an element of RU window fittings, thus its installation does not require interference in the profile and reinforcement. Additionally, it eliminates spontaneous slamming of slightly opened window due to draughts. The element is offered as standard in the ActivPilot fitting system.



Handle turn block

Does not allow for “inappropriate” movement of the handle, thus protecting the window sash from “slipping out” of the upper hinge and from possible damage of the fittings. Recommended for people who prefer a simple and stress-free operation of the window. The element is offered as standard in the ActivPilot fitting system.


Balcony latch

A convenient and aesthetic element which enables us to leave the balcony door ajar from the exterior side of the house. Valued by people who frequently use the terrace exit. Recommended by OknoPlus in various colour options for all balcony doors.

DB opening limiter

ogranicznik otwarcia

An element which enables opening of the sash to max. 90°, but which does not cause its blocking in a given position – the set dilation angle may be changed by the Manufacturer’s service technician. The limiter is recommended in the case of barriers which are encountered by the sash while opening, e.g. refrigerator, furniture. Using the limiter does not eliminate spontaneous closing of the window.


OBVA Opening limiter


Limits the width of opening of the sash to approx. 50 mm. The sash opens only after pressing the tongue of the lock, optimal protection of windows from being opened by children.
It occurs in white, brown, silver and golden.



ActivPilot fitting

As standard, in OknoPlus windows we use ActivPilot Fittings produced by WinkHaus. Through the use of fastenings and bolting elements in the shape of 8-corner mushroom valves, we can achieve an adequate level of antiburglar protection. It is essential that the fastenings are screwed to the steel which reinforces the frame. Antiburglar protection level determines the amount of fastenings used. In the OknoPlus offer, there are min. 2 fastenings per sash. In full antiburglar version, all the fastenings occurring in the rooms are safe fastenings (they are distributed according to the Polish norm PN-ENV 1627:2006). The full comfort of antiburglar protection is achieved through selecting a pane with adequate safety class as well as through installation method of glazing batch using STV  technology – technology of static dry glazing.

Reed relays – discrete Safety

Installation of magnetic sensors in frame constructions is an inexpensive and highly effective solution. Such sensors may be installed virtually in every window or door. Any attempt of uninvited entrance will activate the alarm.

Advantages of reed relays:

  • compatibility with all alarm systems kontaktron2
  • possibility to reinforce the system even in the presence of household members
  • the quickest information on a burglary attempt
  • possibility of untighting the window without the need to switch off the alarmthe system is friendly for pet owners
  • possibility of individual, intelligent extension of the system
  • significant reduction of alarm system costs
  • aesthetic installation, invisible for a thief

Intelligent Secustik handle

This handle is offered as standard. It is equipped with a mechanism that blocks rotation of the handle, thus protecting the window against burglary attempts carried out by pushing the elements which bolt the fittings from outwards (intelligent burglaries).

Antidrilling plate

A special metal plate which protects the window against burglaries, in case of attempts to drill the handle.

TBT handle – Tilt Before Turn

By using the TBT handle, the window may be tilted by turning the handle to the horizontal position. The window may be opened only after releasing the block with a key and setting the handle vertically.

Aesthetic qualities

SELECT fitting

We offer windows with the Select fitting since 2009. Since the beginning, they gain interest and recognition among all customers who value innovative, elegant solutions.

Hiding the hinges in the edge clearance, the free space between the sash and the frame, offers numerous new possibilities. High quality and durability of the invisible Fittings goes hand in hand with its timeless elegance.

A window equipped with Select fitting is also a surprise for everyone who dreams of large windows that let in as much sunlight as possible.



By choosing SelectPlus windows, we gain:

  • increase in aesthetic qualities,
  • greater tightness,
  • higher energy-efficiency and sound-absorbent quality,
  • stability and exceptional durability,
  • no damage or scratching during finishing works,
  • improved washing comfort

Glazing batches


Energy-efficient glazing batches

Nowadays, energy-efficient and passive building development is a common phenomenon. In this segment of customers’ requirements, a standard equipment for window frames is a

two-chamber pane with low-emission coating, which limits the loss of heat accumulated in the building. A pane constitutes almost 70% of the window and this is the batch that decides, to a significant degree, on the U coefficient for the entire product. As a standard, in OknoPlus we use glazing batches with thermal penetration from U=1.0 W/m 2K.

OknoPlus offers ClimaTop glazing batches, which achieve the Ug coefficient value from 0.4 W(m 2K) to 0.8 W(m 2K). The Ug coefficient also depends on the type of gas used in the air-filled cavity. The most effective, although expensive gas, is krypton. Higher price of such set in relation to argon filling results from its low content in the air, from which it is received (as little as 0.0001%, whereas for argon – 0.93%).

A well thought out technological glazing batch Climatop One has another very important advantage. Thanks to the use of a Swisspacer distance frame, it eliminates thermal bridge on the edges of the pane. The Swisspacer distance frame, a unique product manufactured by Glassolutions, increases the U value of the whole window even by 8%. Additionally, it adds to the overall aesthetic qualities of the window. As it occurs in numerous colour variations, it is consistent with a selected colour of the profile.


ClimaPlus 4 S pane – comfort all year round

ClimaPlus 4S is a multiple glazed panel, where one of the panes is low-emission glass, which at the same time fulfils the function of ClimaPlus 4S sun control. In the summer period, ClimaPlus 4S absorbs two times less heat resulting from solar radiation when compared with traditional multiple glazed panels. Adjusting to winter conditions, ClimaPlus 4S provides 3 times more insulation from the cold than traditional multiple glazed panels.

Soundproof glazing batches

Sound reduction of windows is achieved through the use of panes of different widths as well as through special acoustic films. Adequate construction of glazing batches gives protection against excessive noise from the outside, providing us with a quiet resting place. The use of a particular pane depends on the type of noise /traffic, airport, slow pounding of a passing train/.

We offer SGG Climatop Silence multiple glazings, which combine the parameters of thermal insulation and sound reduction. The batch construction is based on a combination of a laminated pane with a special Silence Stadip film. Silence possess the same qualities of antiburglar protection and of wound risk limitation as Stadip laminated panes.

ClimaPlus Silence soundproof panes muffle sounds between the range of 29 and 52 dB.


Read more about acoustic comfort


Safe and protective glazing batches

We carry sets of Protect multiple glazed panels. Depending on construction, they provide different classes of antiburglar protection, they also limit the risk of people becoming wounded by glass chips if broken. One of the ingredients of multiple glazing is STADIP safe laminated glass. It consists of glass panes, between which there are several layers of highly tear-resistant, 0.38 mm thick PVB film.

Definitions of  safety classes are specified in Polish norm PN-EN 356. Tests are carried out by single or repeated striking the glass with a 4.11 kg steel sphere, falling freely from a given height.









O2 1 2,1 Flats, schools, offices
P1A 3 1,5 Kiosks, detached houses, ground floor windows in residential blocks, windows of hotels and offices, sports halls, trade facilities
P2A 3 3,0
P3A 3 6,0 Windows of salons, hotels and offices, villas, chemists, trade facilities of significant trading value
P4A 3 9,0
P5A 9 9,0 Museums, antique shops, art galleries, psychiatric institutions, operation rooms of banks, currency exchange bureaus, shops of high protected value, exclusive villas
P6B 9 9,0

SGG Securit Alarm batch –Panes with alarm loop

This is a safety feature hidden in the glass structure. A set metal circuit located in the corner is connected to the alarm system. In case of a burglary attempt, the pane breaks into pieces, the circuit becomes disrupted and the alarm goes off.

Batch with a hardened pane

By nature, glass is a brittle material. Thanks to the hardening process, changes of internal stresses occur in its structure, which make it more resistant to bending. Hardened glass means safety. Such pane breaks into small pieces with blunt edges. Because of this feature, hardened glass is used in places that are especially responsible, with high risk of breaking or intense sun exposure – significant increase of thermal stresses.


  • 5-times more resistant to bending when compared to non-hardened glass,
  • resistant to thermal shock, i.e. rapid changes of ambient temperature and heating caused by solar radiation;
  • reduced wound risk if the pane breaks.

STV technology –static dry glazing


  • installation of a glazing batch on an STV tape stabilizes the window construction within the whole perimeter – including corners, where steel reinforcement does not reach,
  • thanks to stiffening of the construction – particularly in the case of heavy 3-pane batches –we minimize the need for frequent regulation of window sashes,
  • improved statics results in higher durability and comfort of use of particularly heavy constructions, windows and doors work smoothly and easily,
  • STV gives the possibility to create much bulkier constructions,
  • weight of the pane is evenly shifted onto the sash within the whole perimeter,
  • increased safety parameters and antiburglar features of the construction (pushing the pane is even more difficult),
  • thanks to STV, arched constructions become additionally stiffened and protected from possible deformations,
  • technology of glazing batch pasting serves to improve the acoustics and enhances soundproof qualities,
  • lack of a seal in the pane parameter improves the window aesthetic qualities.
Read more about static dry glazing


Aesthetic qualities

Ornamental panes

Our panes also give you the possibility to balance your technical and aesthetic expectations. A wide range of decorative panes offered by Oknoplus will add unique appeal to selected rooms of our house, at the same time providing comfort of use by protecting us from the neighbour’s gaze. The available SGG Decor Glass means a variety of patterns, colours and textures, which, if adequately selected, will complement the refined style of our house. Undoubtedly, the most valued feature of this type of glass is the effect of subtle light dissipation.

Reflective panes

In windows, which are supposed to protect the house interior from overheating, most frequent is the use of absorbent and reflective glass. As in the case of those specialist glazing batches the float glass is given different colours in the mass, it starts to absorb part of the solar radiation energy. Reflective glass, apart from being coloured in the mass, is additionally coated with a thin layer of metal oxides or noble metals acting as a mirror, reflects some of the sun’s rays. In multiple glazings, those panes are usually located at the exterior.

Frosted and sandblasted panes

Frosted glass is coloured in its structure, whereas sandblasted glass, at the production stage, is subject to a mechanical process of tarnishing the surface with a stream of sand under high pressure. The sand, which is an abrasive material, removes the outer layer of glass, giving the effect of visible tarnishing. This technology makes it possible to obtain subtle results: you may create all kinds of patterns on the glass, and the pattern may be transparent on a frosted pane as well as the other way round – a tarnished pattern on a smooth pane.

Frequently selected:

  • SGG CLIMAPLUS SOLAR CONTROL with SGG PARSOL –it is a float glass coloured in the mass. As there is no coating on its surface, it may be used as a single glass as well as insulating glass.
  • SGG CLIMAPLUS SOLAR CONTROL with SGG ANTELIO –this is a reflective glass with a coating created using a pyrolytic method (hard coating). It may be used in multiple glazings or as a single glass.
  • SGG CLIMAPLUS SOLAR CONTROL with SGG COOL-LITE – among other sun-protective types of glass, it possesses relatively low degree of light transmittance and total transmittance of solar radiation energy. SGG COOL-LITE is available in a wide range of colours and shades.
  • SGG CLIMAPLUS SOLAR CONTROL with SGG COOL-LITE K and SK –this glass is created by sputtering on the float glass a thin, metallic layer with thermoinsulating qualities using a magnetronic method. This product is also available in many colours and shades.